My 10 most useful and inspiring gardening books

Are gardening books dead? Can’t we get all the info we need free off the internet?

The best gardening books are the ones you go back to again and again. You don’t need to recharge their batteries.

Their glorious photography isn’t shrunk down to the size of your mobile phone.

And you can put them back on the shelf, leave them for a couple of years and simply pull them out again. You won’t get an ‘error 404’ message because the link has gone somewhere else. You will simply have a beautiful, inspiring informative book in your hands.

My 10 best gardening books

So I’ve rounded up the books I’ve read again and again over the past 10 years. They’re still in print – which means lots of people agree with me.

We’ve also had a bit of a tweak here at Middlesized Garden. We’ve added a shop to make it easier to buy some of the things you read about in our posts (note: there are affiliate links which means we may receive a fee – possibly even the price of a cup of tea – if you buy something).

So  click here to find my 10 most useful and inspiring gardening books, and please tell me yours!

from The Middle-Sized Garden


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