Beyond the garden shed – winter garden storage options

With winter rapidly approaching you might be looking for storage solutions to keep your belongings safe throughout the chilly months. While companies such as offer secure units ideal for large, bulky items, you can also get hold of garden storage that’s perfect for household goods and equipment.

The trusty garden shed (as good as it is), isn’t your only option anymore, so check out these quirky alternatives:

A garden bench box

Why buy a regular garden bench when you can buy one with storage underneath? These garden essentials are not only stylish but handy for keeping anything from cushions and throws, to spades and trowels safe in the chilly weather. If you’ve got kids you could even pop some of their favourite toys in there and whip them out on a cold yet sunny day, spent playing out in the garden.

Outside storage boxes

There are some things you just don’t want in the house like soggy waterproofs and grubby wellies. The good news is, thanks to durable, weatherproof storage boxes you no longer have to have water and mud trailed through your hallway, as any outside gear can be kept safely in the garden. Many of the boxes can be locked and are designed to survive the most formidable conditions, so are great if you have low fencing or live in an area susceptible to flooding or heavy snow in the winter months.

Garden cupboards

There are many ways to spruce up your garden before winter hits; however, investing in a few swanky cupboards will ensure everything stays neat and tidy. From compact plastic cupboards – ideal for watering cans, wellies, paint brushes and shovels – to larger items suitable for rakes, lawnmowers and other bigger objects, you’re sure to find something to suit your needs and there are many styles available too to complement any space.

Home log store

When the mercury drops it’s essential to stay warm and cosy without running up large bills. Therefore, if you have a log fire or wood burner, make the most of it and keep all your kindle in a modern garden log store. Storage of this kind will stop your wood from getting damp making it easier to light when you need it the most. It’ll also prevent animals from nesting in your log pile and keep your outside space free from rodents and other critters searching for a good place to hibernate.

With a wide variety of winter garden storage options readily available you’ll be able to keep all your valuables and essentials safe and out of the way, whilst still having easy access to your essential garden tools throughout the cooler months.

from Fennel and Fern


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