Wild flower kids

How many of us first fell in love with flowers when we were children? Yes, there are many grown-up bits of botany, like measuring the width of stems and examining glandular hairs, but at the bottom of all of it is still that simple childlike love of plants.

Many of us connect that love with the people who brought us up: grandparents who shared beautiful old botany books, parents who pointed out particularly special plants growing in the hedgerow, and so on. And many of us are now trying to encourage the children in our lives to feel that excitement about a new flower they haven’t seen before kindling in them too.


So #wildflowerkids is go. We’ll be launching lots of fun things for children to take part in over the next few weeks, but for this week, it’s the wild life challenge that they can take part in. You can tweet what you’ve found with kids or post in our Facebook group – just remember to add the #wildflowerhour or #wildflowerkids hashtags to any tweets.

Every hour is a #wildflowerhour, but between 8-9pm on a Sunday we have a proper planty party. If you’re busy with bedtime or lying on the sofa with a glass of wine groaning at that time, then just post what you’ve found whenever you fancy. We’ll be watching.

To get you started, here are some tips on introducing children to wild flowers. 

from #wildflowerhour http://www.wildflowerhour.co.uk/blog/2017/08/12/wild-flower-kids/


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