Wonderful weeds

So many people have been in touch to say that the #wildflowerhour challenges are making them look for more flowers, learn about plants they’d overlooked, and focus on the beauty of every day rather than the humdrum aspects.

So this week, we’re encouraging you to focus on the real everyday beauty: ‘weeds’. Now, we all know that a weed is just a plant in a place where it isn’t wanted, and for botanists, there are very few places where plants aren’t wanted. So as you go about your days, look at the cracks in the pavements, the untended flower beds, the wasteland and the gutters to see what you can find in bloom. Weeds might annoy philistines, but they bring great joy to plant hunters.

As ever, it’s easy to take part. Just post what you’ve found in bloom this week in Britain and Ireland either in our Facebook group or on Twitter using the hashtag #wildflowerhour.

Here are some ideas from the past few months to get you going:


from #wildflowerhour http://www.wildflowerhour.co.uk/blog/2017/08/15/wonderful-weeds/


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