Can you help #wildflowerhour?

This is a very exciting appeal for help. #wildflowerhour has grown sooooo much in the two years since it was founded. It trends on Twitter every Sunday night. It has many regulars who make 8-9pm on a Sunday a special time for sharing photos of the plants they’ve found and swapping tips.

All this means that this site is getting too much for one person to run. The stream of tweets and Facebook posts on a Sunday night needs a couple of people helping out – and #wildflowerhour could be so much bigger if we had a team rather than one person.

So this is a call for volunteers. It would be great to have a rota which meant each volunteer was only on ‘duty’ once a month, sorting tweets into lists such as ID requests and so on. If we had two people on duty per #wildflowerhour then we could make sure ID requests are being attended to quickly, that particular highlights are getting the attention they deserve – and much more. Anyone who wants to join in can have as much or as little influence over the site as they wish – it’s really whatever you fancy doing.

You do not need to be an expert botanist. This site was set up by a very novice amateur botanist. If you have a working knowledge of wild flowers, that will be helpful, but we are all learning, even the experts.

A word about why #wildflowerhour exists. It’s a non-profit site which tries to flood the internet with flowers that grow wild in Britain and Ireland each week. We work in very close partnership with the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland, who do a huge amount to promote #wildflowerhour and also support and work with Plantlife and the Wildlife Trusts. Anyone with ideas on how to promote the work of these really vital organisations is really welcome. We do not sell advertising space or sponsored posts, or anything on this site. It’s run for the love of the free beauty we find all around us.

So if you fancy helping out, just fill in the contact form below, and we’ll be in touch.

from #wildflowerhour


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